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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  October 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ping we get to put this on repeat for a day or two. >> we can do that. warm-tober will continue for a couple of days. we have changes ahead as we kick off the workweek next week. right now, 68 degrees. a very mild start. it is a bit on the muggy side patchy follow developing outside of the district. it is just patchy, but don't let it catch you office guard for that commute in. notice the showers out west dissipated as it moves across the mountains. late this and, we could trigger a stray shower. the rest of us seeing dry conditions. another beautiful day. 70 degrees at 90. 83 at noon and 86 for the drive home at 5:00. we have a few more days we can chalk up like this, but we will talk about the changes in the tropics coming up in a few minutes. in the belfort furniture weather center here is amanda. >> thank you very much jacqui. we're monitoring a crash along interstate 70 in frederick. that is getting cleared to the rate side. that has flashing lights. our traffic tracker on the
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roadway has been checking accidents for us. on the gw parkway all lanes are open. now he is on 395. you can see clear conditions there. northbound, moderate conditions between duke street and the 14th street bridge northbound. he is headed south. route 70 eastbound and route 85 moves to the right shoulder but you still have the emergency vehicles on scene. 270 is moving right along, no big problems or delays there headed southbound. 295 looks pretty good for this time of day. starting to build a little bit on the 11th street bridge. that bright red stretch coming in 295 south. first street and constitution they are repairing that barrier from yesterday so keep in mind that is shut down with that intersection there. back to you. >> our top story at 6:02 this morning the search for answers
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after that deadly shooting on capitol hill. >> it rattled nerves and sent lawmakers into lock down. john gonzalez is live on capitol hill with the latest on the investigation and what we've learned overnight. john? >> this was a violent chain of events on capitol hill and it appears the security measures put in place after 9/11 well they worked the way they are supposed to work and the capitol police officers who are not getting paid rate now, mind you, they acted swiftly and they did not hesitate. this all, of course comes weeks after the navy yard shooting that killed 12 people this all started at around 2:00 in the afternoon. 34-year-old miriam carey of connecticut tried to drive through a layer of security at the white house. secret service with guns drawn quickly swarmed her black infinity, but she somehow managed to maneuver around them and got away. that's when the high speed chase ensued and police opened fire on that black sports car. it was a wild scene of course,
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with a toddler strapped in the backseat while all of this was going on. a capitol police officer tries to stop the woman at one point. he was later airlifted to the hospital after his cruiser was badly wrecked. you can see empty video all of the people just hanging out here along the national mall as this unfolded. of course it all came to an end when the woman was shot and killed as she tried to breech security at the capitol building. the police chief saying this was a deliberate act of violence. >> this was a lengthy pursuit. there were put bell vehicles rammed, officers struck and two security perimeters that were attempted to be breeched, so it does not appear in anyway that this was an accident. >> now, a secret service member and the member of the capitol force are expected to recover from their injuries.
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that 1-year-old little girl was not injured in all of this. john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> thank you, john. we continue our coverage with a closer look at the woman behind the wheel. investigators searched the stamford home of miriam carey, and neighbors seemed surprised. brianne carter is live in the satellite center with more on that this morning. >> investigators are trying to answer a number of questions as they continue to look into the life of miriam carey. she drove her car to the white house on thursday, her mom telling abc news her daughter suffered from post partum depression after having a child and she was hospitalized at one point. she added she had no idea why her daughter was in d.c. adding she had no history of violence. police swarmed her apartment and hazmat teams were there.
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people who knew her say none of this makes sense. >> she had a small child. >> very smart. >> that's not her. it doesn't make sense. she had her own place in connecticut. she had a wonderful life. i don't understand. it doesn't make any sense at all. >> now, we understand she worked as a dental hygienist. we reached out to a former employer who says they separated ties after she worked there about a year. they say she was at first pleasant but then we started to see a darker side of her. so many people including investigators have so many questions. police are still at that apartment there in connecticut. live in the satellite center brianne carter, abc7 news. >> a lot to learn in the day ahead. thank you very much. 64 degrees. 6:06 the time. still ahead on good morning washington, government shutdown day four. >> and
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of ameraman women use them at some point in their lives buken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could haveade commmmon forms of birth control illegal including thpill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering our private lives? he's focused o on his own agenda. not us.
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>> 6:10 on this friday morning. a live look out at the capital as we start another day. looking forward to the weekend. wish adjust starting the weekend, the aren't we? >> that is because of weekend is going to be nice. when you can have a nice weekend it doesn't get much better than that on a friday, eileen. happy tgif to you. >> same to both of you. wow, we are so fortunate i mean, we have had this stretch all week long of temperatures into the 80s and just what we all want to hear it is going to last into the weekend. that rain we need will come on monday perfect to get back into
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the weekend. our photographers is doing a dance here. get out the door this morning. visibility do you know in less than a quarter mile. extra precautions in the roadway in both locations if you happen to encounter that dense fog. traveling today, aside from the fog this morning that may slow you down here at reagan national highs around 87 degrees. if you're traveling to the center of the country today, threat for severe weather exists in portions of the northern plains. behind that weather system some strong winds and also some snow. blizzard warnings in effect for parts of the rockies. nothing like that here. things look very, very great and we say happy friday to amanda meadows who joins us now with a look at our traffic forecast. >> thank you eileen. i feel like every friday is happy friday. unfortunately for commuters on the outer loop they're not going to be very happy this morning. we just picked up a crash that has two left lanes closed and we
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can see delays closing very quickly. this is our live shot from the camera system. you can see things are just sitting still on the outer loop. that long line of headlights approaching cohlsville road. two left lanes closed on the outer look to silver string and towards 270 towards connecticut. this is where that accident is working and it is brand new so we're not quite seeing the slow downs on the live maps yet. it will catch up soon 95 and maryland not look too long bad. we also have got that activity going on. a barrier around the area that we had that police activity yesterday, that is going to be in the 100 block of constitution avenue, so expect that intersection to remain closed. i will send it back to jummy and
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scott. >> thank you amanda. coming up, pope francis pays tribute
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>> good morning, washington washington. happy friday to you. kids ats bus stop, it is a great weekend forecast. it is mild temperatures in the upper 60s, at least here in the city. farther south and west there may be some fog so be extra caution and more vigilant. by the afternoon, partly cloudy skies and warm, humid too. high there ares by recess time in the middle 80s. upper 80s for daytime highs later this afternoon. jummy? >> thank you eileen.
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6:16 is your time. police are trying to figure out why a woman led police on a high-speed chase from the white house to the capitol. the woman's mother tells abc her daughter had post partum depression but no history of violence. carey did not have a weapon but she had a 1-year-old daughter in her car with her. that child was not hurt san now in protective custody. >> this is day four of the government shutdown and there are rumblings about votes in the house. they could pass a bill that would give federal workers their missed pay once they reopen. john boehner says they would consider voting to reopen once they negotiate on the obamacare.
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the democrats say they will not pass a piecemeal proposal. some are discussing a possible end to the shutdown supply can't see the end. i don't think they will negotiate. it is awful for them to say that over and over again. >> i do, too. i came back from a two-hour meeting and i was face with the same view. >> the president and democrats on capitol hill have said that will not happen. >> we're tracking tropical storm karen this morning. residents along the gulf coast are preparing for the worse there. forecasters at the national hurricane center predict karen could reach hurricane strength by tonight. a hurricane warning was issued for the louisiana coast and watch for the panhandle. fema recalled fellow workers in anticipation of the storm. we will have a live report from the the florida gulf coast at 6:30. >> jacqui seems like we see
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that video multiple times every year so they're used to that sort of thing. >> it is go going to be the remnants of karen that will swing this way with the strong cold front. they're working together and we could get a couple of inches so that is good news. so timing and how much rain, a little bit of a question mark but especially if you live in the higher elevations, you will have a better chance of more rain. we will walk you through the whole process. important inch you need to know before you head out the door. the general fog developed in the outlying areas. doing fine in d.c. places like manassas and orange and culpepper dealing with patchy conditions. 67, it is mild. doesn't it feel good this morning. you walk out the door, you don't even need long sleeves for the most part. we are warming things up progressively throughout the day and similar to yesterday afternoon in terrells of our high temperatures. 59 in dulles. 59 in winchester. game to, gaithersburg.
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641 degrees in annapolis. this high-pressure system offshore is continuing to dominate the weather for today winds coming in with moisture from the tropics already. severe weather in the plain states. blizzard conditions as cold air filters in on the backside of the western dakotas. can you believe it? we're talking blizzard for those folks in the month of october. early october as of that. now, let's talk about the tropical stormics and tropical storm karen. wind 0 miles per 60 miles per hour. strong tropical storm, maybe a weak hurricane at landfall and that is going to happen over the weekend on the gulf coast. then steering from the cold front that is going to be a weakened system. it shouldn't be too terrible overall with this.
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partly cloudy skies a stray shower possible to the west. mid to upper 80s for highs. tonight, partly cloudy. 59 to 67 degrees. things look good tomorrow, as well. a repeat as of today and that will be the case through sunday as well. then the temperatures drop. we will see the rain fall down on monday. it should taper off by tuesday morning and pretty nice for the middle of next week. let's find out what is happening on the roads. amanda meadows, the good luck goddess. >> jacqui, thank you very much. we are watching things stack up quickly on the outer loop on montgomery county. we're getting word they moved that over to the left lane but you can see on this camera shot on the outer loop just a stand still there as you come through silver spring. you've also got this back up. this is further back from the crash at new hampshire and you can see just complete grid lock almost a parking lot there. now the left lane is going to be closed there and slowing down around 30 miles per hour.
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so, that is going to be working there on the outer loop at colesville, again, left lane closed between 95 and maryland into 70. avoid it if you can. we also have got things moving right along on 270, getting the usual delays as you come in southbound through urbana. i will send it back to you. >> 6:22 is your time. twitter is unveiling the details of its ipo. >> instagram is going to clog your feeds to make money. here is america's money with john mueller. >> good morning. topping america's money, twitter is one step closer to going public in the one of the most highly-anticipated ipos of the year. the company is looking to raise at least $1 billion. intragram wants to be profitable, too. the company announced ads are coming to the service. it says a small number of high
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wallet adss will appear mixed in with user's photos. and after the sale of the new apple iphone 5-c, through monday the device will cost you $50. they can get a $50 gift card that cuts the price in half. check it out a chicago restaurant has deep fried macaromi and cheese at the bun. it looks pretty good. that's america's money. i am ajohn mueller.
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>> happens today, pope francis visits the birthplace of his namesake in italy. he was supposed to take the name of pope francis known for
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renouncing his wealth and embracing poverty. saint francis was family told by god to, quote, repair my house. pope francis is restoring many people's faith by doing so in the catholic church. >> this is the, i wish it about me, story of the day. a big surprise for customers of in mississippi. >> a computer glitch made them all millionaires although the bank very quickly corrected that error. officials say there was a system display issue and the trillions were actually never really available to those customers. >> they thank you very much done the right thing and left the way it was. 6:27 is your time. there is still another half hour of good morning washington. >> coming up, we have a live report on how the gulf coast is getting ready for tropical storm
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february, 2013. a a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken n cuccinelli joins tea party republs ans to block thelan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passe terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, ndidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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>> live from the abc7 broadcast
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centers this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead, it is 6:30. a much calmer scene on the hill as police now investigate the chase and shooting and family and friends and neighbors wonder who send miriam carey on a deadly drive with her daughter in the backseat. >> plus, we will have a live report from the florida gulf coast as tropical storm karen is moving closer. >> and her "i quit" video which went viral and many of you have already seen a talk show queen has offered hear job. we will have that story for you coming up. good morning to you washington. it is the 4th of october. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm jummy olabanji. we will get right to jacqui jeras with a check of the friday forecast. another good one. >> absolutely. what a great way to end the workweek. if you can sneak in your weekend a little bit early today, it is a great day to did it. 67 is the temperature. you can kind of see from the rooftop cam a couple of clouds
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out there. our dew point is at 63 and winds are calm. it is another warm and humid one. highs shut make it to the mid to upper 80s. we have patchy fog. we have big changes on the way once we get through the weekend. that starts monday. we could see the remnants of tropical storm karen here. scott and jummy back to you. >> thank you very much, jacqui. with tropical storm karen sitting in the gulf, rest denieds -- residents are forced to get ready. >> that's right. we're live in pensacola beach florida with more on the preparations there. good morning. >> good morning, the winds are already blowing on the beaches in pensacola florida. these are the first remnants we're seeing that tropical storm karen is coming. it is currently in the southwestern portion of the gulf
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of mexico after forming between cuba and the yucatan it has winds of 65 miles per hour down there. karen is expected to move rapidly through the gulf and could turn potentially into a hurricane late saturday or sunday morning near the coast. now, residents here in florida are already bracing. a hurricane watch is in effect from grand island to west destin, florida. they've declared a state of emergency in louisiana, and 1 counties in florida, as well. -- 18 counties in florida, as well. this is a challenge in florida because many workers were furloughed because of the shutdown. many are called back to work because of the storm. and they're making sure the staffing and resources are there if this potentially big storm turns out at bad as many predict. back to you. >> the folks down there have been through this so many times every sing he will year.
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the question is, are they preparing and taking it seriously? >> they are taking it seriously scott. as you rightly pound out they know what a bad storm can be and they don't want to sit through another one. it is interesting now that most of the preparations are in anticipation of a bad rain event, bad flooding event. a lot of forecasters are saying the winds meet not be at bad regardless if karen is a tropical storm or a category one hurricane, the affecting could be devastating storm surges one to two feet so they're hunkering down and preparing for that. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's switch beers here locally and talk about the traffic. >> we have the latest on the roadways. amanda. >> thank you jummy and scott. we're seeing big delays on the
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outer loop and 395. we have new incidents working. 395 is where we're going to start upcoming in. in virginia we have a shot from our traffic tracker that shows the current conditions there. this is from our photographer that goes out and braves the roads for us every morning. you can see he is sitting still along 395 northbound. this is all due a crash, we can see that on the cameras and that is going to be blocking that left side. two left lanes closed there only the right side gets by sing he will file and it is -- single file and it is slammed with delays. colesville road, that is slowing things down 13 miles per hour. we have a live shot of that accident working and that is moved to the right shoulder. you can see there you're getting heavy track still along that crash on the outer loop at colesville. but to the far right on that shoulder, you just have a few flashing lights so that is going
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to be holding that heavy traffic in the outer loop in montgomery county. not too bad at 270 now. just building in the normal hot spots. i will send it back to you. >> thank you very much amanda. the investigation continues now into that dramatic chase and shooting on capitol hill. >> it all happened while miriam carey's 1-year-old daughter was in the backseat of her car. let's go to john gonzalez live on capitol hill this morning with more on this story. john? >> jummy this was definitely a wild scene here on capitol hill and it was all captured on video. in the midst of a government shutdown, the capitol building here behind me was locked down. and, this all started at around 2:00 in the afternoon when the 34-year-old woman who has now been identified at miriam carey tried to essentially infiltrate the white house by using her car as battering ram. secret service quickly swarmed her with guns drawn but somehow
6:36 am
she managed to maneuver around them and get away. that's when the high-speed chase ensued in the streets of downtown d.c. running several lights. at that point, police started spraying the vehicle with bullets. while all of this is going on, there is a toddler strapped to the backseat of that black sports car. a capitol police officer trying to stop the woman was later airlifted to the hospital after his cruiser was badly wrecked. you see on the video all of the people hanging out here at the national mall when all of this is unfolding. of course all of it came to an end when she was shot and killed as she tried to breech security at the capitol. the police chief is saying it this was a deliberate act of violence. a secret service member and 23-year member of the capitol police force are expected to recover from their injuries. as for the little girl inside that black infinity, she is believed to be about a year old and she was not harmed.
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brianne cart letter tell us more about who -- carter will tell us more about who miriam carey was. investigators are still trying to figure that out. she was a mother, a dental hygienist who lived in connecticut with her young daughter. we understand carey's mother told abc news her daughter had post partum depression. she says her daughter had no history of violence adding she had no idea why she would have been in d.c. authorities swarms an apartment in stamford connecticut, reportedly belonging to carey. hazmat teams were seen outside the home. no word what they may have been looking for. meanwhile nypd questioning family and friends in a home in brooklyn new york, adding she was disturbed and no one knows why or how this happened. police are not releasing any information when it comes to a motive. brianne carter, abc7 news.
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>> thank you very much. 6:38 is your time. it is 64 degrees. still ahead on good morning washington new information on the deadly officer-involved shooting in calverton. >>
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>> good morning, washington. >> we're ready for taste of bethesda. >> my stomach was just like growling. >> all the delicacies out there. is the weather going to be nice out for taste of bethesda? >> eileen will be at taste of
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bethesda, so hopefully she will make the weather nice. >> exactly. since i'm going of course the weather is going to be fantastic. actually, we just lucked out that way. hopefully you will come join me tomorrow and the rest of us at abc7 and newschannel 8. shorts and t-shirt weather, in the 80s. let me get you started here. it is beautiful. a little on the muggy side. i wasn't anticipating having to deal with freeze on an october morning but i do. we have patchy fog. parts of prince george's dealing with visibilities less than a mile in some spots. 83 by lunch time. 86 by 5:00 p.m. the weekend looks splendid the rain holds off until monday. all right, amanda meadows how are things looking on the roadways? >> eileen it is not so pretty on the roadways right now, especially on 395. we've picked up a crash that has
6:43 am
traffic setting still as you come in from the springfield interchange. you can see why. the two left lanes it looks like the three left lanes, are closed there. that maybe that shoulder, as well. what you need to mow is only the right lane gets by single file on 395 northbound on that approach due to this crash. as i said, back up to springfield. we have activity on the outer loop and that is going to be there working. you can see slowing down around 16 miles per hour there. you can see on the right shoulder, a few rubber-necker delays. i will send it back to you. >> thank you. coming up, the nfl reached out about player safety. >> and the queen offers the woman behind the "i quit" vile e
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>> this is good morning washington on your side. >> all right. just in time now for our friday morning bus stop forecast. kids, it is going to be another great day. whatever you've been wearing the past few days, the weather already very similar to that. starting this morning, temperatures in the upper 50s to upper 60s here in the city. watch for a little bit of patchy fog. then by this afternoon, temperatures will be well into the lower 80s by recess time middle to upper 80s for daytime highs today, partly cloudy skies later on this afternoon. we stay dry into the weekend. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much eileen. checking headlines now around the region, we've learned the idea ad of those involved in wednesday's deadly he is police-involved shooting in kalverton. they've been made public now. the suspect killidentifies at 39-year-old elisiah gray.
6:46 am
the officer was forced to shoot him. people were -- police were called to the area with reports of a woman under attack. edwards says he fears for his life. he has now been placed on administration leave. >> a man who killed his 7-year-old grandson will not face charges. he was driving the float that hit him. prosecutors dropped the case after police determined the driver could not have known what was happening. >> and councilman orange announced he will hold a hearing later this month hear five bills about increasing the minimum wage. the bills take variety of approaches from commissioning a study panel to phasing in the hikes to as high as $12.50 an
6:47 am
hour. >> around the nation, a bail hearing is set for running a red light where people could stop for drugs. he is known online as dread pirate robbers. he is charged in new york as the mastermind of the encrypted website, silk road. he is is also charged in maryland with arranging to pay someone to kill a witness. his website is believed to have generated a billion dollars in revenue. this morning, new video of a frightening encounter between an oregon police officer. >> he pulled the man over and he started opening fire on him. >> i told you, you were speeding. [bleep] [gunshots] >> the district attorney's office say it was a justified shooting. the man account gun was on a road trip with his three young
6:48 am
children when he got pulled over. one of the officer's shots hit him and he died from that gunshot. the children in the car were not hurt. 7 is on your side this morning. a pill containing feces could cure an infection that kills 14000 americans each year. it typically occurs after patients have taken antibiotics to treat another infection. those antibiotics kill healthy microbes in the infection and it allows the bacteria to flourish with toxins that infect the lining. it is best to obtain it from a family member and that treatment appears to have a high success raid. >> and roger goodell wants the players to know the league is serious about safety, they say football will remain hart hiding and physical but they would find ways for them to enjoy longer
6:49 am
careers on the field. this comes on the heels of a new book claiming the nfl uses his power to downplay concussions. >> the woman in the dancing "i quit" video we've all seen that went viral, she has a new job offer. >> on thursday's queen latifah show she offered her a job as a digital content producer saying she is the boss and bosses can hire people. there was quick interview backstage but still no word on whether she accepted the job. the company responded to her "i quit" video with a "we're hiring" video that you see there. >> we have live pictures in the news room of the search under way of miriam carey's connecticut home. the 34-year-old woman responsible for that incident on the hill that began at the white
6:50 am
house and then eventually ended near the u.s. capitol build when officers shot and killed her after she reportedly tried to ram the white house, injuring an officer and secret service agent. we will have much more throughout the morning and day as this investigation continues. >> 6:51 is your time. time to switch gears now and talk about our forecast. >> looking good. once again today, it is friday happy friday, everybody. it looks like the weather will continue through the weekend. but don't be caught off guard. you want to tune in this weekend because it could be a significant day on monday with rain showers ingotsy winds to go along with it as the remnants from tropical storm karen and a strong cold front approach our area. this morning, nice and quiet but very might, as well. 67-degrees. you see a haze on the rooftop camera it the belfort furniture
6:51 am
weather center. show you arlington there. that is where some of that shower layer of fog, we can see it right there. be aware as you're driving in this morning, it is mainly outside of the city where we're having to deal with that. high-pressure is generally dominating our weather and that is going to be our big controlling feature. note the shower as they try to make it across the mountains. they fizzled down and that is blocking things out, but we could get enough instability a stray shower could be possible mountains to the west. a strong cold front in the midwest and very cold air on the backside of it. that cold front will be headed our way to start next week, along with moisture from what is now tropical storm karen. this is the middle of the gulf of mexico, packing winds of 60 miles per hour. not a ton of additional strengthening is expected. it is expected to move along the northern gulf and take a turn steered by the trough on the cold front. as it heads near our area no
6:52 am
longer tropical but adds more moisture to the mix so you could see heavy downpours. we will keep you up-to-date. steve will be here all weekend long so tune in there, as well. a stray shower to the west. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. a beautiful friday. partly cloudy, humid. 69 to 70 degrees. tomorrow a near carbon copy and that will stick with us through the weekend. rain showers come in along with a big cool down. look at the difference in our temperatures. but that is novel, what we would usually expect to see for the early to midpart of october. let's check on the roadways this morning. amanda meadows, so far so good? >> not on 395, jacqui. we have delay conditions on 66 so that is good news. on 395 we have back-ups past the springfield interchange. we will start things off with our traffic tracker. todd is manning the roadways and it looks like he just moved past
6:53 am
that accident. once you get past edsall, you're good to go. the left lane is closed on our camera shot that shows you the left lane was closed. it looks like they moved that over the right shoulder so there are big delays. the brake lights past the 95 interchange with the slow-going traffic. expect that to take some time to clear out. outer loop is, working a crash as well. a few rubber-necker delays. 95 from marketplaceland, new hampshire all the way past connecticut is where you're getting that slow going traffic slowing around 16 miles per hour through montgomery county. if you want information on that 395 crash that just cleared over the right shoulder, or any other activity in your morning commute, you can always put it on 103.5 fm wtop, they will give you traffic updates every 10 minutes on the 8s and when
6:54 am
it breaks. >> time is 6:54. time for our friday express. >> here is what you need to know before you go. a rally to get the public involved in the search for alexis murphy. the 17-year-old disappeared on august 3. randy taylor is charged with abducting her. >> it has been two and a half years since the shooting at the navy yard but today they will collect donations at the festival taking glass 11:00 this morning until 11:00 at night at the fair grounds near the navy yard netro stop. >> this weekend buses will replace trains. there will be some track work on the blue, yellow and green lines so you can expect some delays. >> now for a live round-up of today's top stories. >> let's begin with john gonzalez live on capitol hill. john? >> what was miriam carey's motive here on capitol hill yesterday afternoon? that's what police are still trying to figure out this morning. we know with a toddler in the
6:55 am
car with her she tried to reportedly ram a dar barricade at the white house with that black sports car and then a high-speed chase ensued. a secret service member and capitol officer were injured. she was killed trying to breech security at the capitol. >> the search of her stamford apartment is on going and investors continue to look into the life of 34-year-old miriam carey. carey was a mother and reportedly worked as a dental hygienist living there in stall ford connecticut. not clear -- stamford, could be con. not clear what the police are looking for or what they may have recovered from that apartment. carey's mother telling abc news he suffered from post partum depression and didn't have a history of violence. jacqui in. >> we have patchy fog in outlying areas, so be aware of that for the morning commute. 83 by the noon hour.
6:56 am
86 and partly cloudy skies for the high. another beautiful day. >> thank you jacqui. we're looking forward that forecast. a nice weekend of great weather. that is something to be happy about. that will do it for us here on good morning, washington this morning. good morning america is up next. >> for continuing local news, tune in to news channel 8. we will see you back here at noon. have a great friday morning.
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good morning america. breaking, new details on the chaos at the capitol. police shooting in that wild chase, as we learn the identity of the woman behind the wheel with a baby in the backseat. a dental hygienist with postpartum depression. what caused her to snap? quadruple extreme storm weather whammy. karen for the gulf coast. blizzard warnings for the rockies. red flag warnings out west. and tornados in the plains. will leah remini be forced to testify against the church of scientology. why texas terns s attorneys want her to play a role in a lawsuit. and the pictures of an affectionate embrace with surprising friends. their paws almost as big


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